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Featured Ippity Stamp Kit
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines my daughter made!!

This year we decided to make our own Valentines.  My eight year old daughter made her valentines in the shape of an owl.  These little Valentines turned out so cute, she absolutely loved making these.  Also to my surprise...Dad offered to help!! He doesn't do crafts, so I had to take a picture!! (I think he just wanted to play with my

Goerge Cart
Easter Cart
Glue Stick
Card Stock
Heart Shaped Suckers

Here's what we did:
For the shape of the owl my daughter cut 4" Eggs from the Cricut Easter Cart.  Then she folded the top of the egg shape to make the face and glued it down.  We cut out a triangle to create the ears.  She used the triangles and glued them on to make the beaks.  For the eyes circle were cut at 1" with the George Cart, and then she drew in the little pupils.  The feet were cut also with the George Cart we used the Shift Heart.  I helped her cut the little slits in the bottom and we added heart lollipops for the Owls to purch on. Thanks for looking!! 


  1. Hi Sherry! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment! How fun that the whole family is getting into the Valentine's cards project! That would be a rare event for my husband too! Hope you can make a card with the 2S4Y design this week! :) Kathy

  2. These are super cute! I love how the owl is holding the sucker in his talons(?) or claws or feet or whatever you call them! And how fun that Dad got in on the action!?!?! My husband would not do that.


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